jeebus christ managed to rack up 80 miles in biking this weekend… yesterday rode 55 with mah papa on le tandem and today rode on a single alongside my fatha. but holy shit my legs are dead. i havent been able to exercise at all really because of le jaw surgery and now i just work mah asssss off riding. hahaha but what i really took away from this all was that i need to relearn how to overcome my mind. your mind will tell you youre tired, your mind will tell you youre legs burn, your mind will tell you that your mouth is dry and your dying of thirst but you have to push through it. you can be stronger than your mind…. that is one thing i learned when i was on the cross country team at poly and i had forgotten how to overcome my mind in these circumstances.. it was good to revsist and practice that again. good weekend feel great :) 

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Day 36 - A picture of your pet
myy pooooochie love oscar<3 miss this lil fella, but we shall be reunited soon !! :) 
productive day

today i learned how to change tires on kelseys car! not only did we change all 4 tires on her car we also washed her car and her parentals car. it might sound like a lot of work, and not something you would want to spend your summer doing but i actually enjoy doing work.. as weird as that is. i like the feeling that you get after you have completed a lot of manual labor because you just feel like you have accomplished so much! now it’s time to have a derrricious feast and see what the rest of the day carries :) 

side note… t-minus 4 days til i get my surgery.. its slowly starting to creep up… still feeling indifferent about it all. i know it needs to get done and i just can’t wait until it’s all behind me but shiiiit im nervous about the pain, that’s what’s really freaking me out….. but for now i shall enjoy these last 4 days to the fullest ! 

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Day 35 - A picture of your hometown
da LBC is mah hometown. gotta love it. not only do you have the beaches, but there are mountains that are only like an hour away. you could go out to the mountains to play in the snow and the same day come back for a nice dinner by the beach. long beach is an amazing city, sure it has it’s ghetto parts but that just allows you to get in touch with reality, that you can’t always be sheltered from that kind of stuff. growing up in long beach has definitely shaped me to be the person i am today and i will always have a special place in my heart for this amazingly unique city :) 
Day 34 - A picture of your favorite morning
uhmmm so i dont take pictures in the morning… buuuttt this is one picture i found from a breakfast feast that we had at the hodjats. i must say that it was one of the best mornings with good company and derrricious food. we made a glorious meal and talked at the table and reminisced on good times, realizing our time together was coming to an end because we were about to all head off for college. unfortunately there isn’t a group picture that i have but heres a picture (where i look chinky as fuuuuuuck) but it’s with mah best friend becca who was there!
Day 33 - A picture of somewhere you went today
Today my sister and I went to Costco…. but it wasn’t just any other Costco trip because we got our own Costco cards.. whaaaduuppp free samples all day erry day! :D 
its about to get reeeaaal.

hahaha okay this is just me going on a rant, but holy shet balls time to reflect on whats ahead of me.. but lets see so next weekend is my birthday weekend and i was supposed to go to san luis obispo like every year of my life on memorial day weekend but again for the 2nd year in a row i cant go:( this shet blows. last year i couldnt go cause of prom, whatever thats excusable but this year the only reason i can’t go is because my sisters dumbcunt boss wont let her take work of on saturday…. what the french toast.. BETCH. so this year i shall be spending my birthday doing absolutely NOTHING. sweeet. anyways see now i feel like i sound like a snob… but anyways so not only is my birthday weekend next weekend its also my last weekend before surgery thats why i extra wanted to go to the GWBR buuuuut no. ahhh i dont want to get this damn surgery thats on june 2nd its going to kick my assssss and ruin my summer. but BLAH okay i need to stop because there are far less fortunate people i this world. i will suck it up, and enjoy whatever is thrown my way for the next two weeks. hope everyones summer is going well :) 

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as the final days starting coming to an end in the dorms at SDSU im starting get a little sad :P in the beginning i really didn’t care for the school, my suite-mates were all about the sorority life and i thought that’s just how everyone was here. i was lonely and really thought about transferring to CSULB next year. but wow has my world changed. thanks to all the friends that have showed me that not all of SDSU consists of air-headed sorority girls and asshole frat guys. i am really going to miss chilling in my suite, being close to not only everything but everyone. yeah sure i will be moving in with a couple of my closest friends but i can’t say that i won’t miss all the people that you get to see randomly throughout the year. it’s weird to realize that this chapter in my life has come to an end. when you’re like 12 years old you think that it will be such a loooong time til you’re a college freshman living in the dorms, finally moving out and creating a new life somewhere far different from what you’re used to. and now that whole experience has passed, but i am so excited to live in an apartment next year, still a very big change, this next year there wont be any rules or anything, strictly shenanigans every night. ;P anyways just ranting before i have to go take my comm final. enjoying my last couple days being able to walk around this campus like it’s my home, my backyard (LOL). now i still have a very cheesing goodbye to say to everyone so for now imma go back to studying :)

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Day 32 - A picture of what you did today
today i sat out on my perch and looked out the window, taking in the last few days that i have left in the dorms at SDSU! so crazy, ill miss being so close to not only everyone i know, but everything. it’s bittersweet to be leaving the dorms, but aye cuic can smd tho.. its only good for one thing.. those midnight smoke sessions ;P hahaha 
I got mad love for these bitches, shout out to jfuentes and cviray, you slores brighten up my days :) hahaha what can I say, we da trillest niggas around hahaha… 
"forgot pipe was right in front of me, pack another bowl"
"got ash in my eye, pack another bowl" 
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Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile
Thiiisss picture can always make me smile because it’s me and my baaaby boy Oscar! This lil guy can always make smile, and hes sooo loving. This picture was taken when I had to stay with my sister in la jolla one summer because of family issues. So this picture reminds me of that summer, and how far my momma has gotten <3 
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