Day 36 - A picture of your pet
myy pooooochie love oscar<3 miss this lil fella, but we shall be reunited soon !! :) 
Day 35 - A picture of your hometown
da LBC is mah hometown. gotta love it. not only do you have the beaches, but there are mountains that are only like an hour away. you could go out to the mountains to play in the snow and the same day come back for a nice dinner by the beach. long beach is an amazing city, sure it has it’s ghetto parts but that just allows you to get in touch with reality, that you can’t always be sheltered from that kind of stuff. growing up in long beach has definitely shaped me to be the person i am today and i will always have a special place in my heart for this amazingly unique city :) 
Day 34 - A picture of your favorite morning
uhmmm so i dont take pictures in the morning… buuuttt this is one picture i found from a breakfast feast that we had at the hodjats. i must say that it was one of the best mornings with good company and derrricious food. we made a glorious meal and talked at the table and reminisced on good times, realizing our time together was coming to an end because we were about to all head off for college. unfortunately there isn’t a group picture that i have but heres a picture (where i look chinky as fuuuuuuck) but it’s with mah best friend becca who was there!
Day 33 - A picture of somewhere you went today
Today my sister and I went to Costco…. but it wasn’t just any other Costco trip because we got our own Costco cards.. whaaaduuppp free samples all day erry day! :D 
Day 32 - A picture of what you did today
today i sat out on my perch and looked out the window, taking in the last few days that i have left in the dorms at SDSU! so crazy, ill miss being so close to not only everyone i know, but everything. it’s bittersweet to be leaving the dorms, but aye cuic can smd tho.. its only good for one thing.. those midnight smoke sessions ;P hahaha 
Day 31 - A picture of food you made
Made these a while ago but they were soooo dank. BROOKIES aka brownie cookies. NOMNOMNOM
Day 30 - A picture of your favorite quote
I must say that this is by far my favorite line. Basically I live my life by this quote, always saying “no worries” and I’ve definitely considered getting a tattoo of hakuna matata. And one of my best friends and I decided our camp names should be hakuna and matata. :)  
Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile
Thiiisss picture can always make me smile because it’s me and my baaaby boy Oscar! This lil guy can always make smile, and hes sooo loving. This picture was taken when I had to stay with my sister in la jolla one summer because of family issues. So this picture reminds me of that summer, and how far my momma has gotten <3 
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Day 27 - A picture of your favorite night
When jacqueline and horhey came down from their hood to sdeeezy, had to be one of the best nights. we raged like no tomorrow, danced, and made it nasty (; . not to mention any night with mah beetches john and desmona are a blast ! love my SD skanks<3
Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you
My Wohelo medallion means A LOT to me. It took a lot of work and time in order to be chosen for the honor of receiving the medallion from Camp Fire. It not only reflects my 13 years in Camp Fire but all the memories I made, friendships, and knowledge I learned. Im truly thankful for the opportunity of being in Camp Fire and how it has helped to shape who I am today. 
This picture also features my two amazing leaders, Marci and Norma, who guided my group through the 13 years. They are both amazing women who are fun, care-free, and inspirational people. I will forever look up to them and their different morals, and values in life. 
Day 25 - A picture of you from last year
hahaha so this is from hiking in eaton canyon.. pretty much exactly one year ago.. hahah good times :) why am i such a weirdo….? lmao
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Day 23 - A picture of your favorite book
probably out of the 5 books that ive ever read in my life i would have to say thatttt … HUNGER GAMES would have to be my favorite book :P