as the final days starting coming to an end in the dorms at SDSU im starting get a little sad :P in the beginning i really didn’t care for the school, my¬†suite-mates¬†were all about the sorority life and i thought that’s just how everyone was here. i was lonely and really thought about transferring to CSULB next year. but wow has my world changed. thanks to all the friends that have showed me that not all of SDSU consists of air-headed sorority girls and asshole frat guys. i am really going to miss chilling in my suite, being close to not only everything but everyone. yeah sure i will be moving in with a couple of my closest friends but i can’t say that i won’t miss all the people that you get to see randomly throughout the year. it’s weird to realize that this chapter in my life has come to an end. when you’re like 12 years old you think that it will be such a loooong time til you’re a college freshman living in the dorms, finally moving out and creating a new life somewhere far different from what you’re used to. and now that whole experience has passed, but i am so excited to live in an apartment next year, still a very big change, this next year there wont be any rules or anything, strictly shenanigans every night. ;P anyways just ranting before i have to go take my comm final. enjoying my last couple days being able to walk around this campus like it’s my home, my backyard (LOL). now i still have a very cheesing goodbye to say to everyone so for now imma go back to studying :)

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